CCM Premier 1.9 Goalie Set

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* Outer Flex: No break (maximize coverage)
Inner Flex: Pre-curved single break core (closes the 5 hole)
Boot Flex: 60 degree angle (direct pucks to the side/corner)
Boot Channel: Shallow Soft (faster transition into butterfly)
Leg Channel Strap: Loose fit 1 calf strap (lightweight set up w/ optimized strap at calf)
Knee Strap: Single adjustable knee or below knee (customized fit)
Knee Cradle: Recessed foam no wrap (deeper knee cradle to help close the 5 hole)
Core: New lightweight/thin high density/low density foam core (greater weight balance for quick transitions)
Knee Raiser: PE Foam (seals pad to the ice)
Thigh Protector: Legal thigh and knee protector (protects the top of the knee)